Gourmet Caramel Candy Apples

Caramel Candy Apples

Have it Plain...

Plain isn't boring! It's just right for those who like their apples deliciously simple! There are still options to chose from for our plain apples! Have it with caramel only, and/or pair it with our yummy White, Dark, or Milk Chocolate.

Add a topping...

We have a large selection of toppings! Featured, is one of our most popular topping, Oreo cookie crumbs! Our toppings vary from traditional nuts such as peanuts and Almonds to some more intriguing toppings like our Apple Pie!

...Or even Spice it up!

If spicy is a go-to for you, Try our Gourmet Spicy selection of Apples. Flavors varying from Watermelon, Pineapple, Tamarind, & more!

Granny Smith Apples

All of our Sweets Stop Apples are made with Fresh Granny Smiths

Customer Reviews

My husband and I LOVE their caramel apples dipped in chocolate! They're sinful! I prefer the milk chocolate only and my husband goes for the white chocolate covered in Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Karla R.

Everything they make here is really delicious. My wife and I have tried there cocoa bombs, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies there apples. Anything you choose you can't go wrong with. One of our favorite dessert is the mazapan apples. You have to try it.

Frank U.

Their presentation, service and quality is amazing. You can tell how much time and effort they put into it all by the detailing/packaging of their sweets. Definitely always beyond satisfied with every purchase I've made. They have sweets for every occasion and they are delicioussssss.

Jackie C.